Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

POPin day!

This is very loooooong time, after the latest posting on my blog, xixixixi. So many phenomenon happened today*halah* unpredictable!

First, today is Geograph, History, English, TIK, Deutsch remidial announcement, and Fortunatelly I'm not in remidial hahaha AlhamdullilahO:) After the announce, I decided to go home, because i have promises with my bestfriend Rissa, Askhia, Peyek.

Second, after I touchdown home. There was a cute package from Tiki, yeah I know this is package for me cause listed my name:p and guess what? this is From POPflats, what's Popflats? check here!
2 days ago, I tried to went online shopping, firtsly I'm scared if i will misguided, but i brave myself to do, because this is Diana Rikasari's too, so I tried to believe. And todaaay, the package is coming! The cutest flatshoes ever *hayah* so fast respond and I love it. Recomended!

Thankyou PopFlats!